The New Leader Assimilation Program
The #1 most requested Training Program from 2007 - 2015

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For 35 years, Concept to Licensing LLC's talented team of Executive Coaches and corporate trainers have served individuals on every level of the corporate or entrepreneurial ladder.

If you're a seasoned corporate professional or involved in a start up and in need of personal support or polish in today's chaotic workplace, you're ready for a coach.

Concept to Licensing LLC also serve areas related to non-profit and governmental clients in the fields of banking, manufacturing, retail, finance, education, insurance, transportation, and entertainment.









Executive Coaching offers executives and their employees highly developed leadership and diplomacy skills that create fast-track results in the workplace.

Concept to Licensing's Senior Team of Executive Coaches consult with companies from Fortune 50 to startups. Call today for a FREE coaching session.


Coaching Certification is a one-on-one, six-month training Program with Coach Colle Davis, CEO, Executive Mentoring and Coaching, Inc.

After your training and certification, Coach Colle remains your mentor for the life of your consulting practice free of charge to answer any questions that may arise regarding coaching or building your practice.

Mentoring Programs that create successful mentor/protege stories are the ones that become corporate legends and are repeated for years to come throughout industries and beyond.

Invite Concept to Licensing LLC to install a mentoring program in your corporate culture that will last for years.


Teach your leadership the Behaviors of Success.The Behaviors of Success Program is a highly effective system developed from the Behaviors of Success Study overseen by Coach Colle Davis, CEO of Concept to Licensing LLC. This landmark 12-year study included 218 successful executives from 40 companies in 12 different industries.


Concept to Licensing LLC offers instant information so you can conduct your own New Leader Assimilation for Rapid Orientation with Peers and Reports. This program shortens the time a new leader and his staff get to know one another. In as little as four hours, your new leader and their staff can become a powerful, focused team. This program is instantly available in a downloadable format for you to conduct you own New Leaders Assimilation Program.


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